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  • Saral Hindi Karyashala

    A workshop was organised on 3rd November 2018 for the teachers of Saral Hindi classes to guide them about the teaching methods for this course. The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Feroze Patch, Trustee & Hon Secretary. The workshop was coordinated by Dr Sushila Gupta who was the main speaker also. Some Hindi scholars also guided the participants.

  • Library Section at Kelaniya University, Sri Lanka

    The first international project of HPS was inaugurated on 3rd August 2018 in the form of an independent library section of Hindi Books in the Kelaniya University, Sri Lanka. This was a historical moment for the HPS in its history of 75 years. The inauguration ceremony was done by the symbolic handing over of the books by Sanjiv Nigam, Director [Programme], HPS to the Dean of Kelaniya University. The authorities of the University whole heartedly hailed the gesture of the HPS. The programme was attended by the professors and students of the University and Rakesh Kumar Tripathi of HPS.

  • Visit to Gujarat Vidyapith

    On 16th & 17th August 2018, Sanjiv Nigam accompanied by Rakesh Kumar Tripathi visited Gujarat Vidyapith to discuss about the seminar on Untouchability to be held on 13 &14 October 2018 in the premises of the Gujarat Vidyapith. They held discussions with the Registrar Dr. Rajendra Khimani and his colleagues.

  • Books for the Jails of UP

    Supply of the remaining books for the Central Jails of Uttar Pradesh initiated.

  • Talent Show

    A programme was organised in the premises of the HPS on 8th September 2018 to show case the talent of the students of Saral Hindi Classes. In this programme, many students including the foreigners presented various entertaining programmes. The students were very happy to attend such programme and requested the HPS to conduct more such events.

  • Inauguration of Libraries in Telangana

    Three libraries were inaugurated in the Jails of Telangana at the hands of Feroze Patch, Trustee and Hon Secretary and IG of Prisons, Telangana . Two libraries were inaugurated in Hyderabad and one in Cherlapally near Hyderabad. Sanjiv Nigam and Rakesh Kumar Tripathi of HPS also remained present.

    This time also this initiative of the HPS was highly appreciated by the jail authorities as well as the prisoners.

  • Seminar on Education

    A seminar on the topic "Education – A 360 Degree Overview" was organised on 22 September 2018. This was such a seminar which could be labelled as the need of the hour. The seminar was addressed by Educationists, Principals, Psychologists, Social workers etc. It was a highly successful seminar. Dr Zahir Qazi, Chairman, Anjuman-i-Islam was the Chief guest while Satish Shah, President of HPS presided over. Feroze Patch, Trustee & Hon Secretary and Arvind Degvekar, Trustee & Hon Treasurer of HPS also addressed the inaugural session.

  • Special Session for Saral Hindi Classes

    A poetry recitation session of the renowned Hindi poet Dr. Buddhinath Mishra was organised to give a practical demonstration to the students of the Saral Hindi Classes. The session was coordinated by Dr Sushila Gupta.

  • Opening of Library at MGI, Mauritius

    A section of books given by the HPS was inaugurated on 2nd October 2018 at Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka, Mauritius at the hands of Chairman of MGI, Director General, MGI and Sanjiv Nigam, Director [Programme], HPS. It is the second overseas project of HPS. This initiative taken by the HPS was lauded as a major boost to Hindi language there in particular as for long no new Hindi or Urdu books were purchased there. The Chairman, MGI thanked the HPS for this initiative, Sanjiv Nigam while addressing the big gathering of teachers, Research scholars, Writers and students also gave power point presentation of the history and activities of the HPS. Rakesh Kumar Tripathi, HPS was also present on the occasion.

    On 4th October 2018, Mauritius Television interviewed the Sabha team for a half an hour programme about the HPS, its History, activities, future plans etc. It also interviewed Sanjiv Nigam for his literary achievements and his association with HPS.

  • Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

    As the HPS was having a major function on 2nd October 2018 in Mauritius so Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated on 6th October in the premises of the HPS. On this occasion a book edited by Dr. Sushila Gupta and Story Special issue of Hindustani Zaban [Hindi] were also released at the hands of Feroze Patch, Trustee & Hon. Secretary and Dr. Suryabala, noted Hindi Writer. Famous Urdu Hindi writer Salam Bin Razzak read out his story and Dr Shashikala Rai gave a critical review of the book released that day.

  • Seminar on Untouchability

    A seminar was organised on 13,14 Oct. 2018 in association with Gujarat Vidyapith at Ahmadabad on the topic "Untouchability – An Ancient Disease in Modern India." The special feature of this seminar was that it was addressed by the experts of the subject and those Non Hindi speakers spoke in Hindi . It is a big achievement of the HPS. People praised a lot about the subject and said that this topic is not discussed for last many years but HPS has taken this initiative which is highly commendable.

    The seminar was inaugurated in the presence of the Vice Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith and Vice Chancellor of Indira Gandhi Tribal University, Madhya Pradesh. Feroze Patch, Trustee & Hon Secretary, HPS was the chief guest. Registrar of Vidyapith Prof Rajendra Khimani was the main host. Sanjiv Nigam, HPS and Prof. Prem Anand Jha , Gujrat Vidyapith were the convenor of the Seminar. Dr Sushila Gupta also spoke in one f the sessions. Rakesh Kumar Tripathi and Mahrukh Chinoy of HPS were also present in the seminar.

  • Saral Hindi & Urdu Classes

    Saral Hindi and Urdu Classes which are conducted in the premises of the HPS also started during this period. Procedure for admissions in the Saral Hindi Classes conducted at other centres also commenced.

  • Premchand Jayanti Celebrated

    Premchand is such a writer who is true representative of Hindustani. His birth anniversary was celebrated on 31st July 2108 at HPS by organising a story telling programme in the evening which was presented by the renowned group Kathakathan. Famous film artist Naseeruddin Shah was specially present on the occasion. In his address he laid the emphasis on giving importance to our own languages.

    A large number of audience thoroughly enjoyed the stories presented in radio play style.

  • State Level Convention at Islampur

    As a part of our project of meeting with the Hindi teachers and others, a one such event was organised at Islampur, Sangli which was given the shape of State Level Convention by the hosts Maltidevi Vasantdada Patil Womens College. In this convention, college and school teachers from Islampur, Sangli, Miraj, Sholapur and Kolhapur took part and discussed about the recent trends in education and place of Hindi in that. Sanjiv Nigam, HPS who is an eminent writer, guided them about the modern requirements of Hindi teaching. The convention was chaired by Adv Dhairyasheel who is a member Senate, Shivaji University.

    At the end of the Convention it was decided by the participants to organize a national level such event at Shivaji University in Nov- Dec. this year.

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